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LA kids, here’s what to do for the rest of August…


8/21/2010 – Art Explosion!!! (spewwww)
Come out this saturday to the fourth installment of the Bagavagabonds Art Explosion in Culver City! The what? The Bagavabonds Art Explosion is a unique annual event that runs the gamut on creative expression – artists (i.e. anyone) submit their original pieces to be displayed at the venue that are then sold through silent auction (max price per piece $50 – affordable art for everyone…) and the proceeds go to make something. There’s also a whole bunch of 5 minutes short films made for under $50, live silk screening, interactive art, original theater, a ping pong lounge (!), and live music. more info here.

guess what else? We’re playing it. No, not the Outline. But an all star band featuring g rad fink, gossip boy, mimi malone, jean don’t, and EW (outline, noids, franks). Oh, and the best part (really), the whole thing has a theme – DREAMS. Every piece of art, performance, film, and probably conversation will be about dreams. So is every song we’re playing. No, we’re not playing that Jewel song but we promise you’ll love our set. here’s the flyer. There’s no reason you should miss this.


8/22/2010 – Lets go to the movies!
Scary(ish) Double feature at the Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Blvd) – NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) and Zombie (1979). NOTLD is a classic battle of Citizens vs flesh-eating zombies, one fighting to live, the other, to kill. Who will escape the farmhouse alive? (hint: not the zombies). Here’s the poster – i think the film has been changed to color now too..

Then, ZOMBIE (1979). I heard its pretty terrifying. I haven’t seen it but apparently it includes the world’s
greatest fight between a shark and a zombie. How could you miss that?!? THEY’re going to eat you!


8.23.2010 – Lets see some live music!
white arrows + the outline + the tyde @ spaceland
We’re really looking forward to this show (for five good reasons).

1. thomas jefferson is playing drums with us. he’ll probably be wearing a tank top..

2. spaceland is a dope venue where they filmed the jc classic “Yes man” and until recently let you smoke cigarettes in the upstairs pool/bar room.

3. the show is so free your momma can come.

4. according to the flyer, there’s ‘more pretty girls’… alright.

5. White arrows do a great cover of The Bosses “im on fire.” peep it here and get to the place early to make sure you don’t get busted.

Im On Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover) by white arrows

8/26/2010– lets have some laughs!
Check out the “the scenesters” film/screening party @ 8PM. When a serial killer starts picking off beautiful young hipsters on the east side of Los Angeles, a group of crime scene videographers hatch a plan to catch him. its the plot of “the scenesters,” the latest from Todd Berger screening at the downtown independent. I’ve only seen this trailer (which looks promising), and critics seem to like it (MOST INTERESTING FILM – 2010 Slamdance Film Festival, BEST COMEDY – 2009 Hollywood Film Festival, BEST SCREENPLAY – 2010 Phoenix Film Festival, BEST DIRECTOR – 2009 Edmonton International Film Festival), so you might too!

more importantly, LA buttholes the franks are performing live at the theater after the screening. They are the best modern punk band in la. maybe they’ll join us on the rooftop bar after the show to talk about dead hipsters and french stuff.


8.27.2010 – woof lets go to the Cat Club!

Frankly, this is the only reason i made this long-ass blog post. We’re playing the Cat CLub for the first sunset strip music festival, a three day event intended to preserve and promote the 1.3 mile historical stretch of sunset blvd where so many catapulted to notoriety. The following have played some of their most famous shows at one of these venues (roxy, whiskey, key club, cat club, hob) – bruce springsteen, nat king cole, the doors, the bryds, buffalo springfield, frank zappa, jimi hendrix, van halen, prince, bowie, red hot chili peppers, tupac, the germs, black flag, motley crue, guns n roses, social d, pennywise and countless others. now the headliners at the strip music fest friday are: POD, Unwritten law, warner drive, la nookie (?), and the outline. You can see why the sunset strip needs revitalization… Part of the reason is that the core of the los angeles music scene has shifted east to the sunset junction area, where housing (for artists) is more affordable, venues book better music, drinks and parking aren’t $10+, and you never have to pay-2-play (sux). Really, I cant think of any band that blew up lately playing the strip (besides pussycat dolls but that was less for their viper room/roxy shows and more for their tv/vegas show). We however grew up playing shows along the strip and wholeheartedly support the efforts to revitalize the music scene here. Also, the show is going to be awesome. We’re playing with golden state, the paper dolls, the other side of morning, and tucker jameson and the hot mugs. westsiders, Definitely come out to this one (9pm), and also see smashing pumpkins, kid cudi, common, and white arrows on the 28th.


8.30.2010 – lets drink beer!
Chaya Downtown: a weekly outdoor japanese beer garden in Los Angeles thats open every monday til the end of summer. we’ll chill in their heated outdoor patio under traditional japanese red lanterns and order some pitchers of kirin ($15) or grilled corn with feta cheese ($5). Happy hour lasts all night (5pm – close) and there’s free valet…
525 S. Flower Street, across from the standard.

actually, fuck that. do that next monday. better to head over to the white arrows, superhumanoids, grouplove, and whispertown2000 show (best lineup ever) happening at spaceland!!!


08.31.2010 – First day of The Los angeles skate film festival!

the LA skate film festival is the first of its kind – a showcase for this years talent in skate videos, with awards (US film, documentary, commercial, independent, international, skate shop, and emerging) to the best in each class. the skate video has always played an integral role in shaping the culture of the skateboarding community. Finally now an La festival that acknowledges the creativity and expression that go into making a truly great skate film. Its more than just a bunch of tricks! Its cinematography, music choice, editing, variety of content, skill and originality of the skaters, how rad the explosions are…

Check out one of my favorite opening montages from a skate video – Lakai’s 2007 ‘Fully Flared’ directed by Ty evans and Spike Jonze – and get pysched for the new generation of skate filmmaking talent showcasing in LA (@ the downtown independent) August 31st – September 1st.

Have a GREat End of August!

The Outline

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Monday (July 11th)

on the menu this monday: The ridiculously adorable Damselles and the TC4!

The Damselles are three girls that, too young to be nostalgic for it, bring back the doo wop girl group spirit of the 60’s, if only to prove how damn good they are it. They cover artists like the Crystals (“There’s No other like my baby”), the Shangri-Las, Martha & The Vandellas (“Jimmy Mack”), the Shirelles, the Chiffons (“ONe Fine Day”), the Caravelles, the Bobbettes (“Mr. Lee”), the Cookies (“Don’t Say Nothing bad about my baby”), the Ikettes (“Im blue”), Darlene Love, and Doris Troy. Thats ok if you don’t remember these artists or songs, no one expects you to, but you’ll still like them, because the Damselles do it with such attitude and conviction that you’ll forgot what decade it is anyway. These girls are awesome harmonizers, entertaining choreographers, love pink, and love singing together – they let loose on stage, the audience has a blast watching, and its a simple formula that works to perfection. Just watch this
amazingly cool cover they did of proud mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival). its one of my favorites and exemplifies everything im saying about them.

oh, and the TC4. The keyboardist in this band is the commissioner of our softball league, and an all around awesome musician. I dont know exactly what TC4 stands for, but i hope its not “totally cool 4.” Though they are. Everyone in the band wears snazzy suits and pink ties, which compliment the fashions of the Damselles to a T. These girls and guys are pretty much a match made in heaven, and we cant wait to see them again. Here’s a track from their show i attended at Casey’s Irish Pub. Get to the show early. seriously.

You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry by The Damselles

Afterwards, we have another local LA gem the color turning . Once when we were touring we stayed at this guys house in eugene and when we woke up in the morning the color turning were sitting outside on the porch smoking cigarettes. Interesting guys, they have a unique sense of humor which you really wouldn’t get listening to their music.
We’ve been following this band since they released ‘our currency is time’ in 2002, and have had the pleasure of playing with them a few times over the years. They blend eno-esque lush soundscapes with intricate arrangements and rhythms, reminiscent of radiohead (specifically pablo honey) and pink floyd. I havent heard their latest, “Good Hands Bad Blood” but im going to pick it up monday at the show. Here’s a video for it.

The show starts at 9. The Damselles. Then Color turning. THen us. Come early and get your money’s worth.


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Out June 30th!

You will be able to find this EP at theewebsite, along with a trio of live videos from this album.
To celebrate we’ll be playing every monday in July at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles,
along with a bunch of your favorite bands.
We’re looking forward to it, and promise to throw in some surprises*. See you there!

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