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Monday (July 11th)

on the menu this monday: The ridiculously adorable Damselles and the TC4!

The Damselles are three girls that, too young to be nostalgic for it, bring back the doo wop girl group spirit of the 60’s, if only to prove how damn good they are it. They cover artists like the Crystals (“There’s No other like my baby”), the Shangri-Las, Martha & The Vandellas (“Jimmy Mack”), the Shirelles, the Chiffons (“ONe Fine Day”), the Caravelles, the Bobbettes (“Mr. Lee”), the Cookies (“Don’t Say Nothing bad about my baby”), the Ikettes (“Im blue”), Darlene Love, and Doris Troy. Thats ok if you don’t remember these artists or songs, no one expects you to, but you’ll still like them, because the Damselles do it with such attitude and conviction that you’ll forgot what decade it is anyway. These girls are awesome harmonizers, entertaining choreographers, love pink, and love singing together – they let loose on stage, the audience has a blast watching, and its a simple formula that works to perfection. Just watch this
amazingly cool cover they did of proud mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival). its one of my favorites and exemplifies everything im saying about them.

oh, and the TC4. The keyboardist in this band is the commissioner of our softball league, and an all around awesome musician. I dont know exactly what TC4 stands for, but i hope its not “totally cool 4.” Though they are. Everyone in the band wears snazzy suits and pink ties, which compliment the fashions of the Damselles to a T. These girls and guys are pretty much a match made in heaven, and we cant wait to see them again. Here’s a track from their show i attended at Casey’s Irish Pub. Get to the show early. seriously.

You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry by The Damselles

Afterwards, we have another local LA gem the color turning . Once when we were touring we stayed at this guys house in eugene and when we woke up in the morning the color turning were sitting outside on the porch smoking cigarettes. Interesting guys, they have a unique sense of humor which you really wouldn’t get listening to their music.
We’ve been following this band since they released ‘our currency is time’ in 2002, and have had the pleasure of playing with them a few times over the years. They blend eno-esque lush soundscapes with intricate arrangements and rhythms, reminiscent of radiohead (specifically pablo honey) and pink floyd. I havent heard their latest, “Good Hands Bad Blood” but im going to pick it up monday at the show. Here’s a video for it.

The show starts at 9. The Damselles. Then Color turning. THen us. Come early and get your money’s worth.


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