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Monday Funday at the Bootleg*

We’re halfway through our residency and it seems like it just keeps getting better and better…
you know grouplove right?

Crazy kids whose infectious love for life (and each other) seeps into every chord they strike and harmony they croon. Apparently they all met in Crete at an art residency, one from London, two from Manhattan, and two from right here in LA (and our childhood). I like this photo of them. and this untrustworthy song.

Don’t Say Oh Well by Grouplove

also! evan voytas the multi instrumentalist and la favorite will be closing the night. he played an awesome set at the echo w/ our kin superhumanoids last May, and if you werent there (and still broke) come on monday to the bootleg.Its free. similiar to this video he made. just kidding. but its good right? cmon you like this. whats your spirit animal?

Third time is a charm. practically guaranteed to be the best night of your young adult life. you’ll probably get a bobo. THE FUN starts at 9. lets do this

*now with food, basketball, and baggo

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