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Dead on Thursday – first foray into film scoring

“This thursday, everyone’s life hangs in the balance.” This is the aptly named tag line for Dead on Thursday, a short film written and directed by Julian Oliver Meiojas and produced by cute guy Ryan Lipson. The best part – we did the music. You can hear the beginnings of ideas from phantasmagoria (Pad C Ew and Through the Ether) before they grew up into real songs. We enjoyed this process greatly, and would love to one day maybe make it to Trevor Rabin status. Speaking of lonely hearts, if you’re still alive on thursday, and make it past the weekend, come to our third residency night at the bootleg with special guests Evan Voytas and Grouplove! Promise to make you smile…

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From the vault

I just came across this track we did from right about the time this picture was taken. Its from our first EP The Chestnut Tree (2004) and includes a rockin’ organ solo (never been done since) and an ashlee simpsonesque ending (“pieces of me”), which was a pretty big smash at the time. miss you ashlee.

In other news, we had a blast kicking off our bootleg residency with superhumanoids and red arrow messenger last night. Thanks to everyone who pushed through the July 5th hangover and came out to support. We promise that it will be even more fun next week, at the same low low price of 0.00 dollars. we also promise more blowpops. and pizza. see you there!

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