this monday (7/05/10) w/ supes and r.a.m.

We’re doing it, and these two bands are doing it with us.

RED ARROW MESSENGER – Frontman Jesse Nolan was the son of the dean of our high school, and has been playing music since we’ve known him. They too had a bootleg residency recently, and straight killed it every show. The band’s awesome. They sing exceptional harmonies, and have a great live vibe. Get to the show on time!

Superhumanoids – I dont know where to start with these guys, but they are our musical girlfriends/soulmates. Their alto-ego, the Franks, are playing the last monday of the residency and are the only punk band in LA that matters. The noids, on the other hand, are the upmost authority on LA-based dreamy electronic rock. Heres a remix they did of Mr.BRown.

Their record comes out in a few weeks and its banging. GET IT, or see them this monday just in case you harbor any doubts. We’re their number one fans.

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