So we’ve been getting ready for these shows at the bootleg (our first residency!), and apart from preparing musically, mentally, and promotionally, we got new clothes!

Dickies thought we would look good in their threads and gave us some pants, jackets, and shorts. Classic style. We did a little interview (and took some photos) with them you can find here

Then kswiss realized two important things: one, that we were celebrities, and two, that we would look good in their kicks. Which is a great thing, because our chucks from high school were falling apart. Check us out in their “celebrities at the loft” album here (new drummer?!?!)

Now if we can only get these things for free: guitars, amps, a rehearsal space, clippers season tickets, lingerie, or timeshares.

What can YOU get for free? THE OUTLINE live every monday in July at the Bootleg, HD with Dish network, a tan, and Isolene! ENJOY.

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